My Camera was my gateway to the outside world

Welcome to Cornwall.  This is my second time living in Cornwall, England for three months out of the year, the only difference is that this year I returned back with a husband.  I knew that I wanted to find a way to slightly document the places that I enjoy in his town and to explore new places.  Last year I was scared to leave the apartment on my own, I was even nervous to adventure just to the local market and drug store by myself.  But this year I was very determined to make great use of getting out even though I wasn't alone I still managed to work up the courage to step outside with the help of my camera.  My camera was my gateway to the outside world.  With my husband and camera around my neck we went to the first place that I really enjoy which is an alleyway that leads to the local market's parking lot.  It was my first time doing more than just a typical selfie with my husband as well.  I got him in front of the camera told him to stand there and we started clicking away.  The best part about this is that he was interested in using my camera as well which resulted in me being in front of the camera again more than the typical selfie.  I never want my photo taken like this but I let him do it because I was happy that my passion was something he was interested in.  These are the results of out first photo walk.