Sarah and Chelsea

There has always been a major debate on how long Sarah and I have known each other.  She says I was four but I say I was three either way I can say that I have known Sarah my entire life.  We have come a long way and have gone off and done our own things in life but whenever we come back together we pick up right where we've left off.  I am so proud and happy to have such beautiful friend inside and out, who has over the course of 20 plus years has always been there for me, has always put me ahead of her and who I have done the same for.  There is nothing better than a selfless friendship one that will last a lifetime.  When Sarah spoke to me about Chelsea, I knew before meeting her that she was special.  I've never seen my best friend speak with such love and admiration for one person.  To see my friend happy was all I ever wanted.  I am so glad it is Chelsea who has stepped into her life, she's such a warm loving person who is beyond down to earth.  I am so glad we got to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon together, and I got to capture some tender and imitate moments with them.